1. THE BOAT WILL NOT TIP OVER. The boat is supposed to lean a little to one side (“Heeling”), but it cannot tip over. Its keel weighs 5000 lbs and balances the boat. First time sailors experience this for the first time, and we like them to know what’s happening and why.
  2. WEATHER: Check out our WEATHER LINKS for current and forecast temperatures, wind and wave conditions, wind speed, radar maps, and sunset/moonrise times.
  3. WHAT TO WEAR: Lake temperatures are 10-15 degrees cooler than land. An extra layer or two – a light jacket or fleece, pants, and non-marking shoes (no black soles, no heels) are recommended. Skirts are not recommended. “Skorts” preferred. Sailing is a water sport. Please bring a light jacket for protecting from the occasional splash or sprinkle. It is important to remain warm and dry. (RAINCHECK & CANCELLATION POLICY)
  4. MAX PASSENGERS: Please remember 6 is the maximum number of passengers in your private group.
  5. TRAFFIC: Plan accordingly. Soldier Field, Museum Campus, and Northerly Island are busy areas during the Summer. Click Here to see Map of Burnham Harbor. We provide one free parking pass at Burnham Harbor. Please email us about the availability of a second one. A cab, bicycle, or public transit are often better options. If you can to Soldier Field or the Museum Campus, you are within a 5-10 minute walk to Burnham Harbor (Dock N).
  6. FOOD AND DRINK: We provide ice, cups, plastic utensils, plates, napkins, and an ice chest/cooler. Please do not bring rolling coolers. Preparing meals may not be possible due to water conditions, often times limited to light snacks only.
  7. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY: The safety of your party, our vessel, and our Captains is our highest priority. — Please no RED WINE or wine bottles. A champagne bottle is okay. Please no hard liquor. We’re sailing. We ask that you remain in control at all times.
  8. BATHROOM: There is a ‘Head” on board.
  9. MUSIC: There is an iPod/iPhone music hook up for the stereo.
  10. NO GLASS BEER OR WINE BOTTLES. A champagne bottle is okay. (see #7 above again)
  11. NO SMOKING of any kind is permitted during your charter.
  12. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS are permitted on board.
  13. NO FIREARMS are permitted on board.
  14. SWIMMING: Generally not permitted. Only at the sole discretion of the Captain.
  15. ARE CHILDREN ALLOWED? Yes, when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. You must call or email us in advance to let us know how many children will be joining the charter. Children bust be able to stand and balance on their own. Generally, more than 2 hours for children is not recommended.
  16. ONBOARD BEHAVIOR POLICY. Passengers are asked to comply with all reasonable requests from the Captain to maintain safety and order on the vessel. Disruptions or damage to the vessel shall terminate the charter without a refund and may result in additional charges to the charter group for such damages.
  17. NO SHOWS. After 30 minutes after the start of any charter time, the charter may be marked a “No-Show” and not eligible for a refund or reschedule.
  18. WAIVER: You will be asked to sign a general waiver prior to the vessel leaving the dock.
  19. GRATUITY: Yes, it is customary to tip your Captain.